5 Tips For Homeowners In the Current Real Estate Market

5 Tips For Homeowners In the Current Real Estate MarketThe housing market in the United States has been turned upside down during the past year. There are a lot of people who are looking for houses right now, but there is not a lot of inventory available. Furthermore, with inflation rising at a record pace, the housing market only gets more complicated. It is important for homeowners to understand how the current real estate market will impact them, what to expect in the near future, and how they can maximize the return on their real estate investment. What do homeowners need to know?

1. Interest Rates Are Going Up

First, homeowners need to know that interest rates are going up. Given that inflation continues to rise quickly, the Federal Reserve will continue to increase interest rates until inflation begins to cool off. When interest rates go up, the interest rate on new mortgages goes up as well. Therefore, homeowners who are thinking about selling their house now to buy a new one should understand that the interest rate on a new mortgage they might take out will likely be higher than the interest rate they have right now.

2. The Number of Available Buyers Will Start To Drop

Furthermore, because interest rates are going up, the number of available buyers will begin to drop as well. One of the biggest side effects of increasing interest rates for mortgages is that fewer people are able to afford a new home. Last summer, it was not unusual for a homeowner to have dozens of offers for his or her house during the first day it was on the market. Homeowners trying to sell right now should not expect to have the same number of offers as quickly. Of course, this isn’t the case everywhere, as there are still hot markets, but the overall effect of higher interest rates is fewer buyers.

3. New Construction Homes Are Still Not Being Built

One of the biggest reasons why there are not a lot of houses available is that new home construction is not proceeding quickly. Even though there is a major demand for new houses, construction companies are not able to keep up with demand. Some construction companies are having a difficult time finding construction workers while supply chain difficulties continue to drive up the price of lumber. Therefore, people looking to move into a new construction house may be disappointed by the few options they have available.

4. Rent Continues To Rise for Investment Properties, But Not as Quickly

There are a lot of people who own investment properties, and rent is continuing to rise. During the past year, rent has gone up by a record amount, largely driven by the number of people who have been disappointed as they try to buy a house. People who have been unable to find a house to buy have had to rent instead. This has driven up rental rates, but rent will not rise as quickly as it did last year. Some renters may find that they can no longer afford their property, and be forced to sell or take a loss.

5. Selling a House Will Become More Difficult

Ultimately, the most important thing that homeowners need to keep in mind is that selling a house the traditional way will become more difficult. Because there are not as many buyers available, it may take longer for homeowners to get the offer they want. At the same time, some homeowners need to sell their house fast to secure a lower interest rate on a new home. That is where our team can help you.

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